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We have many years experience in developing eCommerce websites that deliver a return on investment and grow sales.
We develop in Magento and WooCommerce and will help you make the right decisions about your eCommerce platform, the architecture of your site and the style and layout of the navigation to maximise sales.
From planning, through to inspirational designs and professional development we are with you every step of the way. Our in house team, nothing is outsourced, is always on hand to support you after launch. We have the team and experience to help you grow your online business.
And of course all our websites integrate seamlessly with to deliver you a world class eCommerce experience.

UX – Website Usability and User Experience

Our eCommerce website designs place your customer first. We carefully plan your customers’ journey through your website to ensure visitors find what they need, where they expect to find it, while always focusing on maximising your sales.
Let our experienced team talk you through the options on functionality, customisation and personalisation to ensure your website user experience is exceptional and keeps your customers coming back and spending more.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Often overlooked, Conversion Optimisation is the science of getting more website visitors to convert into sales.
The bottom line is how much money your website makes. This is determined by how effectively you convert visits into sales.
With years of experience in optimising conversion rates, we can guide you through the design process to create killer product pages that convert visits into sales.
To work out your conversion rate, divide the number of visits in a month by the number of sales you make in a month. Increasing your conversion rate from 1% to 2% doubles your sales!

Mobile eCommerce

It’s likely that the majority of your customers now visit your website via a mobile device.
This is great for traffic, but often a real problem for sales, as conversion rates on mobile devices are often only one third that of visits on desktop and laptops.
We have developed stand alone mobile front ends for clients to maximise mobile sales.
These mobile specific designs have seen sales through mobile devices quadruple month on month, year on year.
Let us help you navigate the world of mobile eCommerce and ensure you are maximising sales.


The Magento Open Source eCommerce platform provides a scalable, secure eCommerce solution with a sophisticated, flexible, user friendly content management system.
The Award Winning Magento eCommerce Platform has been downloaded over 4 Million times, giving Magento almost 30% of the global eCommerce market.
Magento provides a user friendly content management system that is intuitive, easy to use and comprehensive.
Magento supports sales and shipping to a global market and delivers multi language and multi currency versions as required.


WooCommerce is a plugin to the WordPress Content Management System that creates an eCommerce platform used by almost 30% of eCommerce sites around the globe.
Open source and easy to use, WordPress and WooCommerce offer a sophisticated eCommerce solution.

Website Development Process

The Technical Specification:

Your website development begins with a capture of all the functionality you need and want your new eCommerce site to have.

The Design Specification:

We capture a design brief from you, which might be as simple as providing our design team with some examples of sites you like, or as detailed as a brief outlining colours, brand guidelines, design style and required outputs.

Design Approval:

Our design team will provide you with designs to review and provide feedback on. We refine and develop the designs until you have the site looking exactly the way you want it.


Once the technical specification, designs and the sitemap are agreed and approved by you, the development team take control.

Development Site:

You will have a link to the development website while it is being developed to access and review progress.


Once development is completed we undertake internal testing before passing the site over to you and your team for testing.


Once the testing phase is complete and the site is approved by you for launch, we will migrate your new website onto our powerful dedicated AWS servers and launch your new site.

Post Launch:

Once launched we will set up or migrate your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster accounts to the new website. The site is now ready to sell and start growing your revenues. Ongoing marketing services can now begin.

Magento website example

Explore Outdoors list thousands of products and chose Magento because of the flexibility and scalability it offers large eCommerce stores.
As well as developing a version for desktop and laptops, we also developed a mobile specific front end for this client to maximise sales through mobile devices.
If you open your mobile phone next to your desktop, you can see the design changes on product pages and checkout that have helped drive sales growth on mobile devices.

WooCommerce website example

Our client chose WooCommerce because of the ease of use of the back office and the flexibility of WordPress to publish content about their range of handmade beauty products.
WooCommerce would typically suit smaller eCommerce businesses that are not listing thousands of products.

Customer Testimonial

“Our new ePos and Magento website work together seamlessly….. we can now manage all our sales and stock from one dashboard which saves us loads of time and cuts down on all the time we used to spend on data entry. The reporting is really clear and we can track customers across online and visits to our shop. We are very happy with and would recommend it to any retailer looking to grow their business.” Debbie, Owner, The Hibiscus Room

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