Stock Control and Inventory Management

User Friendly Dashboard

A complete Stock Control and Inventory Management system with a user friendly dashboard.
Stock levels are shown across each location, on order and on hand.
The same stock item can show in different stores at different prices
Accurately control stock across multi-locations, shops, warehouses and all your eCommerce stores to maximise sales and minimise stock holding costs.

Real Time Stock Control Updates

Sell an item in-store or online and stock levels update in real time across all stores and locations.
When stock falls below your set minimum quantity, your Stock Control and Inventory Management automatically creates a purchase order for you to restock – review and send your Purchase Order at the click of your mouse.
Fully supports product barcoding and barcode scanning.
Barcode scan stock when it arrives from your suppliers and in real time, all your in-store and online stock levels update – no data entry, no human error.

Manage Stock

Create and manage Purchase Orders, Goods In, Stock Takes and Inter Branch stock transfers – barcode scanning makes these jobs faster and reduces data entry errors that cost you.
Handle returns with ease and dispatch replacement items or create credit notes for customers to spend in-store or online.
Create composite products to sell e.g. gift sets, and manages the inventory level of each component.

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Create detailed reports using custom date ranges for shops, channels e.g. Amazon, individual online stores, ePos terminals, staff or at product or category level to put you in full control of your business.
Identify winners and losers to maximise sales and minimise stock holding costs.
Detailed reporting includes gross and net profit, average sales value, average basket value, average units per sale and much more.


View stock performance by SKU and review number of sales, gross profit, frequency of sale and many more statistics
Identify winners and losers, maximise sales and minimise stock holding costs
Use historical sales data to plan for future peak periods
Analyse stock turns, the cost of holding stock and other financial ratios to help cut costs and grow profits.


Understand who is buying in-store and online, what they are buying, how much they spend and how often they buy from you.
Identify customers who have not purchased from you recently and send them incentives to come back.
Develop targeted marketing campaigns to grow revenues, sell more and improve your return on investment.


Analyse staff performance including gross sales, average sales per hour, average basket value, average units per sale and many more statistics.
Understand when sales activity peaks and troughs to plan staffing
Create training programs to improve staff performance and grow your sales and profits e.g. identify staff members who don’t up-sell and cross-sell effectively.


Sync with your online accounting software to deliver real time data.
Forget manual data entry or duplicate entry, saving you time and money.

Stock App

Our stock app helps you pick n pack, stock take, receive goods and manage goods out.
Our App works off-line then syncs automatically when it detects Wi-Fi.
Use barcode scanning to automate, speed up and improve accuracy of your stock takes
Scan goods-in to speed up receiving stock and improve accuracy saving you time and money on human error and data entry
Goods scanned into automatically update your stock levels, by location, in-store and online, in real time.

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